Friday, June 21, 2013

A Quick Note

(I wrote this in the half hour I had at the bus terminal until my connection to Montego Bay arrived)

I thought I'd write up a little wrap up of my time in Negril

I mentioned it before, but the touristy nature of this place is really overwhelming. I understand that this is a tourist town, but even so I was really unprepared for what it was going to be like. To be honest, part of me wonders whether I would have been better served spending my first week or two travelling Jamaica and then starting work in Port Antonio and not the other way round. 

Perhaps I've turned into something of a 'Jamaica Snob?' After having such a great time in Port Antonio and really immersing myself into life there, maybe nothing was going to measure up. 

That's not to say that it's been all bad here of course. I had such a wonderful time with Lindsay, Danielle and Imani, and although we had a few sketchy experiences, the whole trip was really good fun (although the fact that the water park was closed on Monday and we couldn't go was pretty heartbreaking).

In the same vein, staying at the Judy House hostel over the past two days was a really positive experience. The owner, Sue, was such a lovely lady and very willing to help out showing you good places to go and such. I also met some really lovely people there and we had a great trip out to see Mayfield Falls yesterday. It's a pity that perhaps we didn't all book to stay at the hostel from the beginning, but you live and learn I suppose.

I'm looking forward to Montego Bay, apparently the hostel I'm staying at is very nice and it turns out that one of the girls I met at Judy House is going to be there too. My plan on the whole is probably just to chill out, do some reading and write some beats. I also promised Jordan that I'd go to Scotchies Jerk Centre so that will be on the cards too I think. After that its on to Ocho Rios for another couple of nights, before I head back to Boston and then onto Kingston and the UK.

I don't know that I'd come back to Negril to be honest, maybe it seems like paradise to some, but it's just not really my cup of tea. That said, I think that its definitely made me realise how lucky I've been to be a part of the volunteer program and the side of Jamaica that its allowed me to see.

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